Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that we have put together to assist you. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

At Premier Property Management, we lease your home on average of 2 to 3 times faster than our competition.  Of course, the rental market varies depending on market conditions or condition of the property, however in recent years it has averaged less than 30 days! This is due to our aggressive marketing and advertising your rental home the moment it becomes rent ready. In addition, as soon as the current residents give us their notice of their intent to move out,we immediately market the property.

Our collections policies are as follows:

  • All rents are due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 4th of each month.
  • All residents who have not paid by the 4th of each month receive our first notice, a friendly phone reminder, placing them on notice.
  • Any remaining residents who have not remitted their rents by the 9th (or 8th, if the 9th is on a weekend) will be served on the 9th by our private process servers with the legal prerequisite paperwork to file an eviction against them, should they fail to remit the rents due.

NOTE: All of the above items are included at no additional cost to you as a service provided by Premier Property Management.

While it is doubtful that an eviction will ever be necessary, as we at Premier Property Management carefully screen all prospective tenants, occasionally financial hardships arise and require prompt collections methods:

Should it be necessary to file an eviction Premier will perform the following actions:

  • The above three items are performed by our firm.
  • All paperwork, (including, but not limited to) copies of the lease, and our notices served upon the resident are forwarded to our law firm around the 13th of the month, (or sooner if you request) to proceed immediately in filing the eviction action.

Most evictions are settled with the resident paying all cost and remaining in the property, however, should it be necessary to proceed further, we stand ready to assist you and your property. If, upon employing our services, you have placed a tenant (not placed by our firm) who is delinquent and you require our assistance instituting eviction proceedings, then management charges a one time fee, equal to $500 plus court cost and legal fees for our services as outlined above and our time and court participation(if necessary).

As a property management company, we understand that placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the rental process.  Each applicant is run through a battery of checks and reports that include but are not limited to:

  • A detailed credit report with score
  • National criminal background check
  • Collier or Lee county criminal background check
  • Public records searches including bankruptcy, liens, and evictions
  • Sex offender search
  • Interpol and terrorist watch list search
  • Rental history verification (if applicable)
  • Asset verification (if applicable)
  • And when possible, a face to face interview.

In addition to the normal financial qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing   needs of our residents to ensure their happiness.This will help to ensure that they will remain good residents and remain a tenant for a longer period of time.

YES, we provide our property management customers with the following guarantee:

  • Since PPM is completely performance based, if PPM does not collect rent, we do not get paid!
  •            We do not charge leasing commissions, therefore you have no upfront costs or double costs, should your tenant vacate the home early.

At Premier Property Management, you will never pay leasing fees period! Note: All advertising cost are the expense of the property owner up to $150.

If you have setup Direct Deposit, you should expect your funds to be delivered by the 10th or previous business day if the 10th is a holiday or weekend.

Probably not.  However, Our fees are extremely competitive and we certainly are not the most expensive. On the other hand, we charge a fair fee for a exceptional service. 

No other residential property management company in Southwest Florida offers all of our combined services including;

  • Leasing consultants available 7 days a week. 
  • Video taped property inspections. 
  • Full time career property managers. 
  • Our unmatched tenant screening process. 
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Our tenant/leasing guarantee.
  • Our fast rent processing policy.

When all fees are considered, for benefits received, we are actually less expensive than most companies.

9. Who handles problems late at night?

Our property managers take turns being "ON CALL" to handle late night calls from our residents. Our 24 hour hot line will take the residents emergency calls and direct them to the appropriate manager.

Additionally, we solve many  problems right over the phone avoiding what might have been an additional maintenance expense

We provide 4 inspections:

  • The inspection that is done prior to the residents moving in is known as the “move in" inspection.  This is where we conduct a detailed inspection documenting the current condition of your property on our move-in inspection form. We also video tape the move in inspection for our records.
  • During the tenancy, we coordinate semi-annual inspections.  These inspections are performed by a PPM team member.  We provide a room by room inspection with video to show the condition of your home.  These inspections are emailed to you, the owner, with the Owner's Packets that are sent each month. 
  • When the residents move out of your property we do another detailed inspection known as the "move out" inspection. The move out inspection is done to ensure that the residents returned the rental home back to us in the same condition as when they first rented it.  If damage is found, then we impose a claim on the Tenant's security deposit as required by the Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws, (F.S. 83.49), if no damage is found, then we promptly return the security deposit to the former residents.

Our property managers take turns being "ON CALL" to handle late night calls from our residents. Our 24 hour hot line will take the residents emergency calls and direct them to the appropriate manager.

Additionally, we solve many problems right over the phone avoiding what might have been an additional maintenance expense.

YES, Premier Property Management is a FULL SERVICE Florida real estate brokerage. We perform over $40 million in sales annually for our management clients. For information on how we can help you sell your property, call your manager at 239.321.6650.

In a word, "Excellence." By choosing Premier Property Management you will be hiring the most qualified and professional property management firm at the most competitive rates in Southwest Florida. Our comprehensive property management service is delivered by an expert staff that will provide the freedom and peace of mind you are searching for when hiring a property management company.